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Pictured here are some of the most popular MacDuff Tartans. These represent the Ancient (the top row) and the Modern (the bottom row).
There are others known and/or available, but these are the most common.
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Here is an online article on the history of Scottish tartans/kilts titled "A History of Scottish Kilts". Although it is an Irish travel site, it still has great information.
A History of Scottish Kilts

MacDuff - Ancient Tartans

MacDuff - Ancient
MacDuff Ancient
MacDuff -
Ancient Dress Tartan
MacDuff Ancient Dress
MacDuff -
Ancient Hunting Tartan
MacDuff Ancient Hunting

MacDuff - Modern Tartans

MacDuff - Modern
MacDuff Modern
MacDuff - Modern
Dress Tartan
MacDuff Modern Dress
MacDuff -
Modern Hunting Tartan
MacDuff Modern Hunting

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