ceud mile failteWelcome to The Clan MacDuff Society of America webpage! Clan MacDuff is one of the most ancient of clans and has a rich, unique history unlike that of any other clan. Browsing through our pages will give you a sense of Clan MacDuff both past and present.

The Clan has a membership of nearly 1000 worldwide as we have members from Canada, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand as well as the United States. Thanks to the many dedicated members who are all volunteers, Clan MacDuff is very active and represented at over 50 Highland games and Scottish festivals each year along with other events.

Our award winning newsletter, MacDhubhaich, is published and mailed to members quarterly. Samples of articles are included here for your viewing.

A scholarship is presented each year to a MacDuff member or dependent attending college. On our “Awards” page is a list of past recipients. You will also see the names of members who have been recognized for their dedicated service, as well as awards the Clan has won at different events. These honors reflect the diverse talents of our members.

We have an annual general meeting, or AGM, where members gather for a weekend of fellowship and to enact Clan business. As the AGM moves around the country, more members have the opportunity to meet other MacDuffs and participate. Our Clan is proud to join the Christmas Walk in Alexandria, Virginia, each year, as well as Tartan Day on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Begun in 1985, there is also a Clan MacDuff tour of Scotland every four years which is specially designed for Clan MacDuff members. MacDuffs from all over the world take advantage of this exciting opportunity with one highlight always being a tour of Duff House. Check out our “Events” page to see what MacDuff activities are in your area.

Clan MacDuff had vast land holdings in Fife and Banff. Over 400 surnames are associated with Clan MacDuff or Fife. If your name is on our sept list, found on our “Membership” page, you are eligible to apply for membership. We would love to have you join us. Please remember that there are many variant spellings of a surname. Just because your exact spelling does not appear on our list does not mean that you are not eligible. Please check with us. For membership information, please contact the Regional Convener for your geographic area. Otherwise, please contact our Membership Chairman.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and, again, on behalf of The Clan MacDuff Society of America, a warm and friendly welcome!

Bob Spence
National Convener (2016-17)