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The Clan MacDuff Society of America and its members have been very fortunate to receive awards and recognition, and is equally proud to be able to recognize other deserving individuals. This page is dedicated to all these special people.

The scholarship award, currently $500., is open to the legal dependents and members of the Clan MacDuff Society of America who are undergraduate or graduate students in college. The scholarship is presented each year at the Annual General Meeting. There were no qualified applicants for years not listed. Congratulations to past recipients!

  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015 – Taylor Spence
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011 – Caitlin Maria Gale
  • 2010 – Sarah Louise Lundie
  • 2009 – Shannon Carrie Gale
  • 2008 – Not presented
  • 2007 – Caitlin Maria Gale
  • 2006 – Caitlin Marie McDuff
  • 2004 – Kim Inez Marzke
  • 2003 – Jennifer Smith
  • 2000 – Rhonda Hatter
  • 1999 – Rebecca L. Snead
  • 1998 – Rebecca L. Snead

Meritorious Service Award
This award is presented to those members who have served the Clan over many years, often in several capacities. Their dedication and hard work in behalf of the Clan deserves to be recognized. While the individuals named may have held more than one office over the course of their affiliation with the Clan, only their office at the time of his or her award is listed here.

  • 2011 – Kim Duprest
  • 2011 – Davie Cottrell
  • 2009 – Bob Spence, Deep South Regional Convener
  • 2009 – Kim Duprest – Membership Chairperson & Arizona State Convener
  • 2009 – Walter Ernst – Pacific Southwest Regional Convener
  • 2009 – Larry MacDuff – for Dedicated Service (Deceased)
  • 2008 – Bruce Abernathy – Past National Vice Convener
  • 2008 – David Burt – Numerous Officer Positions
  • 2008 – Wayne Cederlund – Middle Atlantic Regional Convener
  • 2008 – Dale Beaman – Mountain States Regional Convener
  • 2007 – Richard Cooper – Lake States Regional Convener
  • 2007 – Donnie Shearer, FSA Scot – Upper South Regional Convener
  • 2007 – David Wardrup, Sr. – Past National Vice Convener
  • 2006 – Kim Duprest – Membership Chairman
  • 2006 – Carol Frederick – Genealogist
  • 2006 – Sarah Abbot – Past Southwest Convener
  • 2006 – Jane K. Robitaille, FSA Scot – Past National Convener
  • 2005 – Theodore “Ted” Glasgow – Past New England Convener
  • 2005 – Stephen Lundie – Past Pacific Southwest Convener
  • 2005 – Rick Abercrombie – Georgia State Convener
  • 2004 – David Burt – Past National Convener
  • 2004 – David Wardrup, Sr. – Past Treasurer
  • 2004 – Kim Inez Marzke – Past Newsletter Editor
  • 2003 – Daniel Worley – Past National Vice Convener
  • 2003 – Robert Spence – Deep South Convener
  • 2001 – Steve McDuff – Past Mountain States Convener
  • 2000 – Bruce Abernathy – Past National Convener
  • 2000 – Milton Wardrop – Past Membership Chairman
  • 2000 – Eiler Cook – Past Upper South Convener
  • 1999 – Robert “Fud” Caldwell – Past Deep South Convener
  • 1999 – Charles Caldwell – Past Membership Chairman
  • 1997 – Louis Huggins – Past New England Convener
  • 1996 – Noliah McDuff – Past Newsletter Editor
  • 1996 – Ted R. McDuffee – Past National Convener
  • 1992 – Warren Kininmonth – Past National Convener

Regional Convener of the Year
Regional Conveners are expected to recruit new members, retain existing members, support Clan MacDuff nationally and submit quality articles to the newsletter each quarter. Conveners who have gone far beyond this and have provided outstanding service to the Clan are occasionally recognized.

  • 2004 – Wayne Cederlund – Middle Atlantic Convener
  • 1997 – Jane K. Robitaille, FSA Scot – New England Convener
  • 1996 – Helen Wardrop – Southwest Convener

Clan of Excellence
At the Grandfather Mountain Games in Linville, North Carolina, Clan MacDuff Society of America was awarded the “Clan of Excellence” in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2000.

By the year 2001, when Clan MacDuff decided to no longer compete in the competition, it had been the only clan to have won the “Clan of Excellence” more than once at Grandfather Mountain. Along with receiving a nice banner, the award results in the Clan having the honor of leading the Parade of Tartans the following year and having the Clan tent in a choice location on the field.

Best Tent Award

2007 – At the Round Hill Highland Games in Norwalk, CT, Clan MacDuff was chosen as the Clan of the Day for the “best tent presentation and the most welcoming front to visitors.” The tent was a very colorful display that not only included MacDuff items of interest but a Celtic tapestry, bunches of thistle and heather, and a large poster of “Doors of Scotland.” Flags of all eight Celtic nations were flown along with the American, Canadian and British flags. An engraved plaque was presented during Closing Ceremonies. Congratulations to Carl & Jane Robitaille once again!

2006 – At the Wyoming Celtic Festival in Gillett, Wyoming, Clan MacDuff was chosen as the best New/Future clan of those clans attending these games for the first time. Dale and Kathy Beaman were presented with a lovely scroll which they will now incorporate into their clan decor. Congratulations to the Beamans, who are also new at doing the tent! What an accomplishment!

2004 – At the High Banks Celtic Gathering held in Mt. Morris, New York, in July, Clan MacDuff was selected for the Best Tent Award. New York State Conveners Tom and Sharon Fyfe were gifted with a large basket full of Scottish goodies that they thoroughly enjoyed.

2004 – At the Celebration of the Celts held in Chatham, New York, on May 8, Clan MacDuff was chosen for the “Best and Most Creative Clan Tent” award. The tent was very colorful and a real eye-catcher with many items of interest on display. The contest was sponsored by Electric Scotland, and several prizes were presented to Jane & Carl Robitaille for their excellent display. A photo of the winning tent appears on our homepage.

2000 – Out of a gathering of about 70 clan tents at the New Hampshire Highland Games, held at Loon Mountain on September 15-17, Clan MacDuff was selected as the clan with the best tent. A lovely wooden plaque in the shape of New Hampshire with brass logo and engraving was presented during Closing Ceremonies to Carl & Jane Robitaille.

Bonnie Knees Contest

Many of our MacDuff men are proud of their bonnie knees, and we are certainly very proud of them for winning!

2007 – Chris MacDuff at the AGM at the Columbus Scottish Festival, Indiana

2005 – Carl Robitaille at the AGM at the Richmond Highland Games, Virginia.

2004 – Larry MacDuff at the AGM at the San Diego Highland Games, California.

2003 – Bill Hockensmith at the Glasgow Highland Games, Lucas, Kentucky

Kim Marzke, Past Newsletter Editor of the Clan MacDuff Society of America’s newsletter “MacDhubhaich,” received the “Honorable Mention, Service to Readers 1998 Family Tree Newsletter Contest” award. This is sponsored by The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library and The Family Tree. Congratulations, Kim! Click here to see award.


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